Make Black Friday a little greener!

This Black Friday, the choice is yours!

Black Friday - the holiday of consumption and anything but sustainable. Heavy discounts and almost panic-like hyperconsumption make people buy products that, strictly speaking, they don't really need. But the desire for bargains is simply greater with fatal consequences for people and our planet.

We admit it: in recent years we have been part of this crazy system. In large part because we want to offer our clothes at a lower price for people who want to shop sustainably, but often can't because of the price.

This year, we want to do things a little differently on Black Friday.

You have the choice: either you decide for -30% on the whole collection or you pay the full price and we donate this 30% to the Alpenschutzverein. An institution dedicated to the protection and preservation of the Alps, and thus the habitat of many animals and plants.