Sustainability remains at the heart of our philosophy. Since we started our journey with Matona, we have been aware that every garment we produce and sell has an impact on the environment - from the harvesting of the fibres to the moment you pick up your order for the first time.
When you sell products and run an online store, the issue of packaging is unavoidable. That is why we make sure that our packaging leaves as small a carbon footprint as possible. For example, our hang tags and shipping boxes are made from grass paper, a mixture of local wood, pasture grass and recycled paper. By using grass instead of traditional wood fibre, this type of packaging is particularly environmentally friendly. Compared to commercial paper, grass paper saves over 250kg of CO2 and over 3,000 litres of water per tonne. In addition, the entire production process is chemical free, making our hangtags and boxes fully recyclable and biodegradable.