Care & Repair

The way we care for our clothes is as much a part of sustainability as the materials and production. Taking good care of your clothes can extend their life and keep them out of landfill. To help you enjoy your garment for as long as possible, we have created a care guide.

Before you hold your product in your hands, we make sure that your garment has the best conditions for a long life with you. We make sure that all Matona garments have a timeless design and are made from durable and sustainable materials. This makes them a good investment for many years and a long-term solution for your wardrobe.

Garment Care

Less is more - your clothes should be washed as little as possible. Each wash is bad for the environment and bad for your clothes, as some fibres can break off and lose their strength and structure. Instead of washing clothes every time you wear them, it is often enough to shake them out and air them. A few simple steps and you can wear your favourite clothes again.

If your clothes do end up in the washing machine, follow the washing instructions for the product and keep the temperature low. You'll find the care label with recommendations inside each garment or in the care section on each product page.



All you need for clean clothes is a sustainable detergent. Eco-friendly detergents are just as effective as their conventional counterparts, but have the advantage of being free of phosphates, microplastics and harmful chemicals or toxins. Avoid using additional products such as bleach and fabric softener. Bleach damages fabric fibres, while fabric softener coats your clothes with a thin film that can affect beneficial properties such as breathability and moisture absorption.