Lass Mal Wir Sein

21 March - World Down Syndrome Day

It is often the small things that have a big effect. One example is a small, extra chromosome.

Chromosomes are the carriers of our genetic make-up. Parts of them determine the colour of our eyes, how tall we grow, or even which diseases we are susceptible to. A single chromosome determines whether a girl or boy is born. Every now and then, something can go wrong with the chromosome blueprint. If chromosome 21 is a little out of line and occurs three times instead of twice in the human cell, this is called Down's syndrome. Contrary to popular belief, Down's syndrome is not a disease, but rather a freak of nature that can occur in parents of all ages and social classes.
47 instead of 46 chromosomes - this tiny difference in the genetic make-up, which can neither be blocked nor switched off, determines the lives of many people with Down syndrome in our society. And this is despite the fact that no human being is genetically "perfect". Genetic variants and external influences are what make us individuals. Like everyone else, people with Down syndrome have different talents and gifts, their own hopes, wishes, dreams and skills.

Every child can be a source of worry for his or her parents, but even more so of happiness - whether with or without a chromosomal defect.

We wouldn’t change them for the world. But we would like to change the world for them.

To mark World Down Syndrome Day on 21 March, photographers Sabine Lewandowski, Esther Meinel-Zottl and Sarah Boll, along with special people and brands, want to help people with Down syndrome take a visible place in society. With #lassmalwirsein they introduce you to individual personalities with Down syndrome, because unfortunately there are still too few points of contact in everyday life.

You can find more information about Down syndrome, beautiful insights and important exchanges on Instagram under the hashtag #lassmalwirsein. We also support this great campaign and include the initiators' brochure with all orders.

The initiators:

Sabine & Marina
Esther & Aaron
Sarah & Lasse